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Curriculum and ongoing assessment

Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core Curriculum standards. Core courses include mathematics, English/language arts, science and history. Elective courses cycle each semester and may include: art, woodshop, technology, physical education, life skills (study hall), equine-assisted therapy, skiing, and social skills. Students who have demonstrated the ability to self-initiate and complete work may be offered the opportunity to complete an independent study course. Summer school provides for a half day of academic programming designed to assist with credit recovery, strengthening of specific academic skills and increasing academic confidence and competence.

We partner with school districts to facilitate IEPs and Section 504 Accommodation Plans. Local professionals are available to provide related services for students requiring occupational therapy and speech/language therapy. Our education personnel have the skills required to meet the academic and learning challenges of our diverse learners. Achievement assessments include the Stanford 10 online, administered twice a year, and the Woodcock Johnson-IV administered as needed for more in-depth evaluation. Progress monitoring for reading and mathematics, using the iReady Diagnostic System (online), is administered three times a year. For students with reading difficulties, we provide specialized instruction using the Lindamood-Bell Program.



Youth Treatment Counselors are available 24/7 including during the school day to provide students with emotional support.