Clinical Services

Clinical Services

The Forest Heights Lodge Board of Directors is working with the staff to re-imagine how we provide services to families and children.  Our Board of Directors wishes to increase our reach into the local community and increase the number of families and children we serve by shifting from residential care to outpatient based services. 

As we have for 66 years, we believe that “close interpersonal relationships are paramount to treatment and success”. We are developing our new service offerings to prioritize treatment for the whole family. We believe, and research demonstrates, that when we are able to utilize treatment to increase caregiver and family member involvement, treatment outcomes will improve for the family as a whole.

We are working to provide intensive outpatient services through after school and day treatment programming for children ages 10-14. In addition to the children, we intend to provide support to parents, siblings and family members as the whole family works towards hope and harmony in their home.  It is our goal to provide these services for families in the Denver Metro Area

Students in our program may be challenged with psychological or learning problems such as:

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