Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Each student is assigned a licensed clinician who meets with him weekly for individual therapy. Our clinical staff reflect a variety of backgrounds, training and areas of expertise. A primary role of the individual therapist is to facilitate and support the emotional, social, behavioral and academic changes occurring with the student in the milieu, school and family settings.

Each individual therapist helps the student discover how present issues relate to past life experiences. As these issues are examined in therapy, the clinician focuses on skill building, behavioral control, social communication and self-esteem. As the student develops emotional regulation, therapy evolves to a greater emphasis on problem solving and conflict resolution.

Forest Heights Lodge has always been open to a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Our clinicians work to stay abreast of current treatment strategies regarding mood dysregulation, depression, attachment and adoptions issues, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, obsessive compulsive behaviors, social communication, tic disorders, executive functioning delays and ADHD.

Did You Know?

We have years of experience working with kids from all over the United States and world.