Milieu Therapy

Milieu Therapy

The therapeutic milieu at Forest Heights Lodge is a place where a student’s physical, emotional and social needs begin to be met.

Students experiencing emotional dysregulation must feel safe and successful before they can risk change. By learning to successfully manage their emotions and behaviors, they learn that life can be gratifying and fun. Together, the students learn to take responsibility for themselves and become a valued part of the community.

The heart of our therapeutic milieu is demonstrated in the close interpersonal relationships within the community. Our direct care, clinical, educational and administrative staff schedules are intentionally structured to provide for remarkable continuity of care and nurturance. The youth treatment counselors live with the students from wake-up through bedtime in two day shifts. This gives our staff a parental perspective which helps them understand how issues can affect behavior and feelings throughout the student’s entire day. Our teachers, in addition to teaching a full day, spend one evening each week in the residence.

Did You Know?

Our on-site school is structured to prepare students for return to a more traditional school environment.