parent Testimonies

“Things are great here! We are so happy to have our boy home. Thanks to you guys he is doing beautifully! We are all so proud of him, including Brad himself! Again, all our thanks and love for this incredible transformation. He is truly a blessing and we couldn’t be happier!”

“Johnny has been home from Forest Heights Lodge for 2.5 months now, and he (as well as the whole family) is doing better than I could have imagined. It feels surreal, but I can attest to the miracles that happen for children when we get them the right treatment soon enough. I’m the #1 poster-child for Forest Heights Lodge! I can confidently share that after what Forest Heights Lodge did for Johnny, he is headed for great things! There are no words of gratitude, and I may never stop saying thank you!”

“Hard to believe 2 years have passed. Thank you for accepting Billy and keeping him safe, nurturing and working with his assets.”

“As we leave this afternoon with our ‘new & improved’ son, we know that we have been given a second chance, and we feel incredibly lucky to know all the wonderful staff that has rallied around him during the last year. Forest Heights Lodge is an incredible place.”

“Your decision to accept my son has changed his and our lives completely. This journey has restored hope and calm to our lives.”

“The life lessons and skills Jim learned at Forest Heights Lodge have changed his life. It is so wonderful to look at him smile and laugh. He stands up straight and handles life. When he’s upset, he’ll talk it out – WOW! I am thankful for the love you showed him, the patience you had with him and the kindness you gave him.”

“I think Ben’s time at the Lodge was life saving and life transforming. Prior to coming to the Lodge, he was highly anxious, never left the house and now he is popular at school, a top scorer on the basketball team and even has a girlfriend!”

“Frank is a solid, caring, real person with great moral values which I attribute to the Lodge experience. I must once again thank you for saving our son! He has been on quite a journey for such a young man—that many doubted would be successful. But not Forest Heights Lodge. You took him in—nurtured him—gave him structure, hope, purpose, self-esteem and turned him into a man! Like I have said before, I sent away a little unhappy, insecure, boy who called me Mommy and I got back a big, tall, and confident young man who calls me Mom! (I am crying as I write this). His transformation has been beyond our wildest dreams! And now after he has been at home for more than a year, I reflect on my eternal gratitude as we watch him study so hard to do well in his classes, teach his Sunday school students with pride and work hard at making and keeping new friends.”

“Making the decision to send a young child away from home is extremely difficult and not easily understood by other parents. When you see the progress that your child makes, the challenges he triumphs over, the true friendships he shares, and the skills he learns to master, you can be even surer your decision to entrust your son to the wonderful people at Forest Heights Lodge was correct.”

“Keith’s transformation has been immeasurable. When thinking back to the child we left at the Lodge, it’s hard to imagine that he is the same person. He has gained so many personal and life skills, self-confidence, consideration for others, not the least to mention huge academic improvements as well. He was a frightened and down hearted child when we brought him to the Lodge, but he was a confident and hopeful young man when we picked him up. And it was due to the dedication of the Lodge staff, the encouragement he received from his peers and of course a lot of hard work on Keith’s part. We never doubted your commitment to Keith’s success at the Lodge. Staff were always so positive and upbeat, and a wonderful source of encouragement to us. Our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Forest Heights Lodge.”

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with us during our visit to the Lodge. We thought that our trip to Evergreen, CO was going to be a sad and difficult one. Instead, we felt hopeful – for the first time in a long time. The work that you and your staff do with the kids is really incredible. Our young tour guide was an excellent example of the progress and success you have with very challenging children.”

“No parent wishes to send their child away during their formative years – so when they must, it has to be for good reason. It has taken us some time to look beyond the dream of the “perfect drug” that will allow us to enjoy a regular life with our son. We want more than anything to give him the opportunity for a good life, a productive life—even a happy life.”

“We realize that we are not able to continue the all important job of parenting our son, and if we can’t then someone or someplace needs to. We only hope that wherever he goes to get help, that he will understand one day, that we did it out of love for him and the desire to do the very best that parents can do. Thanks again for listening, relating to our suffering and sharing your many years of experience working with kids similar to our son!”

“Over the last two years, FHL and my son Jacob have together worked a miracle: he has changed. Jacob has gone from a boy who was failing at everything important. He has turned into a boy who can succeed at everything important. Although I thought that I, as the Mom, was his best and only hope for changing and healing his life, it turned out that I was not succeeding.”

“It was a huge wrench to decide to send Jacob away from me, to Forest Heights Lodge, but I did.  Now, after two years and graduating from FHL to a less restrictive boarding school, Andrew is often in control of his impulses, is able to behave well on a regular basis, is able to let his love for me and his kindness to the world shine through, is able to make and keep friends, is able to do better and better in school – in terms of both behavior and academics. Andrew has a bright future now.”

“I am so pleased with the transformation my son made at the Lodge. Now that David is home, I have realized that he is no longer a kid. He is now a young ‘almost-man’ with all the physical signs and he is even more special and exceptional. His sensitivity and capacity for caring and love are a gift to everyone whose life touches his. His psychological insight into himself, and those in his world, would make you not only so proud of him—as we know you always have been—but gratified by what the Lodge, have been able to teach and inspire for him.” 

“He has shown all of us who love him that he not only will ‘make it’ but will prove to be an exceptional man who will in some way, or many ways, give back to others from the reservoir or caring, compassion, and comprehension that has been nurtured by those who believed in him when he most needed guidance. We look forward to the day we can bring Charlie back to see the Lodge. And if you are like me as I write this note, you may find tears of joy and pride when he appears at your doorstep!”

“I am already feeling miracles happen with Michael, thanks to Forest Heights Lodge and your team! Please pass on my deep gratitude for the care of my little boy, who is TRANSFORMING to a happy, more confident boy. I cannot believe the difference when I talk to him on the phone!!! The sullen voice, the shortness in tone, the demands for material things, the impatience with talking more than a minute —GONE!

I know there are challenges ahead, but I believe Michael is in the best possible environment with a loving staff of experts. Should I say magicians?

We now have a chance to be a happy, healthy family—-bless you all.”