School Day

School Day

Forest Heights Lodge (the Lodge) has an on-grounds school program, which has a typical school year calendar and a half day school program in the summer. Our two school buildings are located between the residence and the administration building. School days start in the residence with wake up followed by breakfast and household chores. Youth treatment counselors, teachers and clinical staff work with the students to help them prepare for the day.

The school day begins with a morning meeting, providing an opportunity for news of the day and a mindful transition to school. Youth treatment counselors are available throughout the school day to provide support for students as they learn to meet challenges in the classroom environment.

At school, students are grouped by academic level, and move in their groups from class to class. Morning classes meet core academic requirements, and afternoon classes include rotating electives. Individual guitar and piano lessons are available for interested students. Lunch is followed by some time for recreation before afternoon classes.

After school, students spend time playing with each other and our staff. Dinner is followed by showers, homework, phone calls with families and other activities. At the end of the evening, staff help students settle into their rooms and go to bed.

Our staff schedule is intentionally structured to provide for remarkable continuity of care and nurturance. Two youth treatment counselors are awake for the overnight hours to meet any needs that might arise.

Did You Know?

Our Student Advisory Council provides a platform for student input and voice in our program.