Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services

We partner with school districts to facilitate IEPs and Section 504 Accommodation Plans. Local professionals are available to provide related services for students requiring occupational therapy and speech/language therapy. Our education personnel have the skills required to meet the academic and learning challenges of our diverse learners.

Speech-Language Therapy

Forest Heights Lodge contracts with a Colorado State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).  Speech-Language services are designed to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat receptive and expressive language, auditory processing and discrimination, speech articulation and social pragmatic language. Speech-Language goals will include functional communication skills that improve the student’s independence and appropriate social communication behavior.

Occupational Therapy

Forest Heights Lodge contracts with an Occupational Therapist, licensed by the Colorado Department of Education. Occupational therapists work with students on many different types of fine or gross motor activities as well as sensory processing, hand-eye coordination and daily living skills, using a variety of methods.