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Comments by Dr. Daria Rockholz, Ph.D.

I was very impressed with the lovely, rustic-yet-homey facilities, and I appreciated the opportunity to meet with many of your caring, highly qualified professional staff and to see and understand first-hand the overall program. I was pleased for the opportunity to tour the facilities with a resident, and to learn that the program is so highly individualized, and that so many of your young boys can find their way at Forest Heights. 
As you already know, the majority of my clients are young adolescents who need assistance finding their way in life, and I would be pleased to refer such clients your way. I was also impressed with your commitment to the families that you work with, and to hear / learn that so many of your graduates stay in touch years later. That certainly says it all! 
I have heard only positive comments about Forest Heights Lodge from other consultants who have worked with you, and I now I know how much of your heart and soul has gone into planning and operating this outstanding program for young boys. I appreciated the opportunity for such a comprehensive visit. 

Daria M. Rockholz, Ph.D. 


Forest Heights Lodge has been serving kids and families for over 60 years.