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“Just thank you for being there for us.  We feel like our son has a chance of living a happy, productive life now, which we really weren’t feeling a few months ago.”

“Jim & Jody made it much easier for us than we had expected.  The hour spent prior to our goodbye was so helpful.  I left Forest Heights Lodge knowing that our kid was in loving, nurturing, caring hands and didn't have a moment of worry that I was making the wrong decision."

“It feels homey.  It doesn't feel like a residential facility but rather like a big, cozy cabin that is run by people who truly seem to care.”

"Frank is a solid, caring, real person with great moral values which i attribute to the lodge experience."

"The lodge was wonderful-they saved Abraham's life and have been so supportive since he left."


We have a 120 acre property in the mountains for hiking, exploring and playing outside.