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Hard to Believe...

by Jake's parents

Dear Forest Heights, 

Hard to believe this day has arrived! What a long journey it has been since we sat in your office desperate to help Jake find his way. We are so proud of his accomplishments and how hard he has worked to make the most of his time at the Lodge. Thank you for always being a calm voice of wisdom and experience for us.  

From the day Jake started at FHL, everything began to improve. Our relationships healed, our parenting got back on track and for the first time we became optimistic about our future as a family and for Jake as an individual.

As we prepare for the next chapter, we are both sad and excited to leave FHL behind. But knowing that we will always be a part of the family will give us strength to move ahead.

With love, 
Jim and Janet Williams


We are committed to the maintenance and strengthening of families whenever possible.