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FHL Thoughts - A Poem from a Recent Graduate  

July 2013

I had a struggle in my life
and it was hard times for me
but I got through them
cause I gained strength and knowledge
and I can’t help thinking about them

And as my life goes on
I will keep gaining from my family
cause my family gave me support
and they gave me strength
cause they were always there for me
and they gave me love

And when I had the struggles
I tried to break out of it
and eventually I did
and I got to come home
and my family came everyday
to where I was struggling

Because I love them -
they’re always good to me
always there for me
and I love them
cause they’re always kind to me

What we need in this world
is for everyone to be kind
and supportive to others
who are having a hard time
because this is what I learned
because this is what happened to me
and it was a great experience
because I learned to be supportive and kind to others.


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