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A Note to Lodge Students from a 1987 Graduate (June 2012)

A note to a future Forest Heights Lodge student from a young man who made an incredible transformation and graduated: 

"I know that sometimes, things may seem tough, but that's life. We all go through our challenges and all end up going in different directions eventually. I think it is important to remember that you are at the Lodge for a reason, and that the Lodge isn't just a place where you stay before you can go home or somewhere else for that matter. The Lodge is a place where you can be free to make those normal mistakes in life without large consequences or losing points. The Lodge will always give you as many chances as you need to do what you need to do and you will always be forgiven. However, the Lodge is not something to abuse. You can either choose to put effort into developing your character and improving yourself and your reputation with others, or you can choose to misuse this time and intentionally continue to practice negative and un-beneficial behaviors. At the least, it is a gift that is yours to choose, however that does not mean that both options will lead to the same happy outcome. The Lodge is a place for personal growth. It is like the wilderness in that, it is a place to heal, but not to stay. It may seem like you will be here a while, but remember; you will be graduating eventually, and it is how you use your time at the Lodge that will ultimately determine your future."


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