On weekends, wakeup time is a bit later. After breakfast and house chores, the students and staff set the plans and activities for the day together. Weekend scheduling, while relaxed and enjoyable, remains structured. Regular meetings help the students organize their time and navigate transitions.

The Evergreen/Denver area is rich with recreational opportunities. Our campus has a gymnasium, outdoor basketball court, ramps for skating and scootering and a large multi-use field. Forest Glen, our 120 acre property, is where the students and staff can enjoy outdoor recreation activities in the unspoiled beauty of the Colorado high country. The focus of recreation at Forest Heights Lodge is on trying new things and having fun together.

Weekends also are times when families can have an opportunity to visit. Visits are arranged with the family’s case coordinator. Family visits begin in the Evergreen/Denver area and, as treatment gains are made, begin to move back to the family’s home.

Did You Know?

We play every day!